Fudge Cottage
Fudge and Soots watching the Sunset on the BeachOur dogs relax with a new friendbadgers-den-pets-1.jpg

Badgers Den is Dog friendly

We Welcome Pets!Budleigh is a very dog friendly place, and you will often see dogs in pubs or banks often with their owners.

In our experience dog owners are some of the most considerate holidaymakers and are more than happy to abide by some basic house rules. We ask that dogs are kept off the furniture and out of bedrooms.

Dogs are welcome in the garden which is secure. Naturally all faeces should be cleared up and suitable disposed of during your stay.

There is a £10 per week or part week supplement for each dog.

Sooty welcomes new Friends

“I have a number of good walks around this area. Often we walk the 100 yards up the lane for access to the disused railway track, here I can run around off my lead looking for squirrels. Or we walk further on to Woodbury Common where there is no end of exploring to be had.

Get your owner to drive the two miles to Otterton and you can enjoy doggie paradise – a walk and swim along the river Otter followed by tea and biscuits at the mill. From November to the end of April beaches are regarded as the best meeting places to catch up on the news. As long as we have our owners on the end of our leads we are welcome at Bicton Gardens. Also the Donkey Sanctuary in Branscombe – there are huge dogs there which make a strange noise.

After your walk you can chill out in the secure rear garden where I can chat to you from the other side of the fence.”